BECAUSE he was in the Sex Pistols for a short time, everyone thinks Ed Tudor Pole is a punk, but he classes himself as a rock and roller.

Punk, rock and roll, whatever it is, I like it.

"At the moment I’m trying to see how much excitement can be generated with a man, a guitar, and an audience," says Ed Tudor Pole, of his current career.

Judging from his Stroud Fringe performance, a great deal of excitement can be generated.

Ed put his whole self into his Queen Vic gig, every cell of his being. In this paired down solo format, you could plainly see all his fiery, unquenchable human spirit fighting to get through to us.

For his last song, he did Swords of 1000 Men, and got Chinese Burn up to play it with him. I know it’s boring when people say you had to be there, but you had to be there. For me, it was the highlight of the festival.