A FLUORESCENT green disk was spotted hovering over Whiteshill on Friday night, prompting speculation online that an alien spacecraft had invaded Five Valley’s airspace.

The mysterious object was sighted by several eyewitnesses throughout the evening of October 4 and was also captured on camera in the early hours of Saturday morning by a motorist driving from Painswick to Stroud.

It was first viewed by mixed martial arts enthusiast Sam Villeneuve around 9pm on Friday evening.

Mr Villeneuve tweeted a picture of the UFO to the SNJ and reported seeing it ‘floating’ in the sky above him.

Later on it was photographed again, this time by the motorist, who was able to take several shots of the suspected flying saucer before it vanished in the night sky.

“I spotted a ring of light in the sky. It was like a blue or green ball and it was just sat above the treeline at about 1am in the morning,” he said.

“I pulled over in the bus stop near Edge to get some pictures. The object then simply disappeared after a few minutes.

“I don’t believe in UFOs personally but it was definitely odd. It wasn’t hovering like a helicopter would. It was really strange."