A NEW venture called the Compassionate Revolution is being launched in Stroud on Saturday June 27.

Compassionate Revolution is an online platform where people can pledge to undertake acts of ‘art, heart and civil disobedience’.

Dr Gail Bradbrook, one of the founders of the Compassionate Revolution, said the idea is that the voice of the majority is often ignored by those holding the reins of power.

“66 people now own more wealth that the poorest half of the world. The rich and powerful have far too big a say in what happens and information is often kept out of reach from ordinary people. Our democracy has been captured by vested interests.

“By coming together online and pledging to undertake specific actions, such as refusing to pay small amounts of tax, ordinary people are given a tool whereby they can assert collective power.”

Fellow organiser, climate change and Occupy democracy activist George Barda, said: “Social change has always involved periods of confrontation, when people are willing to undertake acts of civil disobedience. “Most of the things we take for granted these days, from weekends, to the welfare state, the right to roam and voting, have been hard won by ordinary people fighting for justice.”

Organiser Michael Dinesh said that issues such as inequality, austerity, climate change and the environment, the power of big multi-nationals, billionaire owned media and tax avoidance are some of the concerns of the Compassionate Revolution.

Insisting that the revolution is based on compassion, he said: “This is as much about inner change as outer.

"Without addressing how we relate to ourselves and to one another on an individual level we cannot expect real change to happen in wider society. It will be just more of the same otherwise.”

The revolution will be launched outside the Subscription Rooms at 12.30pm on June 27.

For further information visit: www.compassionate-revolution.net or contact Dr Gail Bradbrook can be contacted on 07866838584.