CONCERNED campaigners are fighting plans for a second T-mobile phone mast in the middle of a Cashes Green residential area, near a primary school.

Phone company T-mobile has sent leaflets to some residents, saying it will apply for planning permission to build the mast on the corner of Springfield Road and Sunny Hill with the next fortnight.

There is already a Hutchinson 3G mast on the roundabout at the bottom of Springfield Road, just 20 metres away from the proposed site, which was built two years ago despite vigorous opposition from Cashes Green residents.

Residents and safety campaigners say that one mast is enough, and want local politicians to refuse the application.

Concerned resident Caroline Wilmot, of Springfield Road, is worried that many residents were unaware of the plans.

"We already have one mast," said Miss Wilmot, 26.

"People can't believe that we are going to have another one."

And Lynne Edmunds, the Gloucestershire representative of safety campaign group Mast Sanity, urged residents to write to T-mobile and the council.

"After the strong fight to stop the existing mast going up in the middle of a densely populated part of Cashes Green, extremely close to a primary school, these operators must make themselves aware of how much community opposition there is to any possible health risks," she said.

"As did the operators pushing for a mobile phone mast in Stonehouse recently, they should look for a site further flung away from homes and schools.

"The amount of scientific evidence pointing to health dangers, particularly to children, is growing very rapidly."

A spokesman for T-Mobile said: "There are 60 million mobile phones in the country and T-Mobile is seeking to install this mast in order to enhance and improve service to customers.

"Without a mobile base station, mobile phones simply do not work.

"All our installations conform to rigorous national and international health and safety guidelines."