FLAMINGO expert Dr. Caitlin Kight visited WWT Slimbridge today to sign copies of her new book about the pink-feathered bird.

Dr Kight, 34, from the University of Exeter, wrote Flamingo as part of a series of books called the Animal Series.

She described her book as a ‘cultural history’ of the bird and how they’ve interacted with humans.

“In quite a lot of history there aren’t too many artefacts but then about 30 or 40, 000 years ago you see flamingos in murals in Spain.

“We know that the Egyptians kept them in captivity and that the Romans ate them.

“Then of course, you’ve got the pink flamingo statue that people buy and put out in their gardens and that’s since the middle of the twentieth century.”

Wearing Flamingo earrings, a Flamingo necklace and a dress with Flamingos on it she rocked the Flamingo bling.

SNJ reporter Megan Titley began by asking Dr. Kight what her book was about.

Flamingos, obviously.

Flamingo was published in June by Reaktion Books for £9.99.

It can be found on Amazon as well as the publisher’s website.