A HIGH-FLYING student at St Rose’s School in Stroud has won a place in at the UK’s first disabled-led regional youth orchestra.

Ground bass player Bradley Warwick, 21, will join other pupils from around the country in the prestigious South-West Open Youth Orchestra.

Bradley has been at St Rose’s school since he was 12-years-old and is a passionate musician.

As well as the drums, the inspirational musician plays the ground bass using his I12, an EyeGaze computer and communication aid, and EyeKeys software.

With his new orchestra, Bradley is looking forward to fresh challenges: “I was thrilled to be selected for the South-West Open Youth Orchestra. I’m hoping to make a career with my music.

“The orchestra has got lots of exciting plans, including a high profile concert in Bristol next year as part of the Fast Forward festival.

“I enjoy playing ground bass, using my I12 computer and being part of an orchestra is very exciting.

“Music makes me relax, and feel happy inside. The words of songs and the music remind me of those special people in my heart.

“Orchestras are very important to me as it gives me the opportunity to perform with others. It enables me to get out and meet new people who also love music.

“I would love to make a career with music, so I hope this will all help.”

Earlier this year he also played as part of BBC Music Day with OpenUp Youth orchestra at the Colston Hall, which was broadcast live On BBC Radio 3, where he played alongside members of the world-renowned British Para Orchestra.

St Rose’s provides education, care and therapy for children and young people aged two to 25 with profound and complex needs.

St Martin’s, where Bradley is a student, is the post-19 centre at St Rose’s.