HAVE you ever noticed anything unusual about the carpets at The Lord John pub in Stroud?

The carpet is featured in a blog by writer Kit Caless who is documenting every one of the 950 Wetherspoons carpet designs in the country.

He has found that every carpet in Wetherspoon pubs across the country has its own unique design.

And The Lord John in Russell Street, Stroud, is included.

“I started taking photos of Spoon’s carpets about nine months ago after reading a novel by Will Wiles, The Way Inn, in which the narrator stays at the same chain hotel whenever he is at a conference and discovers the corporate art is all the same, with sinister consequences," Caless told BuzzFeed.

“I finished reading the book in the Westgate Wetherspoon’s in Canterbury so I stared at the carpet for a while and wondered if Spoon’s carpets were different or the same.

"On my return to London I went to my local in Mare Street, Hackney, and found the carpet was different.

"I took another picture, and it sort of rolled on from there.

"After collecting enough different Spoon’s pics I started the blog and invited people to send me their local Spoon’s carpets so we could see if any match up.”

Find out more by visiting the blog at wetherspoonscarpets.tumblr.com.