WHEN his brother died from cancer, Arthur McTiffin went home from the funeral and decided there had to be more than just flowers.

So he began organising a charity walk to raise money for the Cobalt Appeal research charity.

Recently, more than 50 people took part in his 23rd walk from Nailsworth to Dudbridge and back, raising more than £5,000.

Over the years, he raised a staggering £54,000 for the cancer campaign.

Arthur cannot walk himself any more, although he did so for many years, but is happy to keep up with all the organisation and is hugely grateful to all the people who do walk each year.

"I'm happy to let them do the hard work now," the 78-year-old joked at his home in Selsley Road, Woodchester.

He and his wife Muriel go out to the halfway point near the Sainsbury's store in Dudbridge, with drinks and snacks for the walkers.

Arthur walked himself until two years ago but then started suffering from heart problems and had to go into hospital for an operation.

That was the only year since he started that he was too ill to organise the walk.

Muriel added: "Every penny that people raise goes to the Cobalt Unit. We cover all the expenses ourselves."

Despite his heart problems, Arthur is determined to carry on with the walk as long as he can.