SOMEONE is catching and shaving cats in Minchinhampton.

Pet owners in the town have been left angry and mystified after two cats had their fur shaved off with what appears to be an electric trimmer.

Two neighbours came home during the last week to find large bold patches on their pet’s backs, stomachs and even on the top of their heads.

Resident Mandy Felton said she found her three-year-old black and white called Treacle in a state of distress on Monday evening.

“The poor thing was traumatised,” said Mandy, who lives in Glebe Road.

“Someone has clearly caught her and shaved two big patches into her fur. There were little marks on her legs and paws as well. It looked quite painful.

“She was a timid cat to begin with and wouldn’t usually go up to people in the street - but now she seems scared to go back outside.

“Treacle would never go up to someone if they called her, so somebody must have trapped her and held her down.

“When my daughter Tia first discovered what had happened she was so upset.

“I don’t understand who would do such a thing. What kind of person gets their kicks from shaving cats?

“Strangely enough this exact same thing happened to the same cat around a year ago.

“I think it must either be children doing it for a joke or someone in the neighbourhood with a vendetta.”

Her neighbour John Kerry’s cat was the other unfortunate victim. His ginger tabby was also found with mysterious bald patches last Friday, as well as several cuts and scratches around the body.

The neighbours posted an appeal for information on Facebook group Spotted: stroud/stonehouse

The incidents have been reported to the police and Stroud District Council’s Animal Welfare Service.

If you have any information please contact the service on 01453 754478.