JUST weeks ago the prime minister’s aunt protested against the closure of children’s centres in Oxfordshire due to council budget cuts.

Many people in Gloucestershire are now trying to save our children’s centres.

In Nailsworth we have had a service since 2010 up at the top of the town, where most families live.

It is based at the Arkell Community Centre and costs only a few thousand pounds to run each year.

It is a vital service and many agencies support it as well as the town council, but it will go in April 2017.

Last year Oxford University published research confirming the importance and effectiveness of children’s centre provision in supporting families with children under five.

Despite this research and great local support in Nailsworth and Stroud our centres are being drastically cut to meet draconian budget targets.

Please support the campaign to save the children’s centres.

E-mail or write to Councillor Paul McLain who is the county council lead for this service.

In Nailsworth we also have a petition to sign at the Town Information Centre and at Lawnside Stores.

Sally Thorpe. Nailsworth town councillor