A NEW ANPR speed camera could be installed on a 20mph road in Stroud where residents fear there could be a serious crash.

Campaigners and councillors are calling for a camera to be installed in Lansdown, near Lansdown Road Motors, where the average speed is estimated to be around 30mph.

The camera would be similar to the one installed on the A46 Bath Road in Rodborough - which clocked nearly 25,000 speeders in just one week.

Persistent speeders would be sent a warning letter, and if further action is needed could be paid a visit by the police.

Charles Pederick, chairman of the Rodborough Road Safety Working Group, said he is backing a new ANPR camera along the 20mph stretch.

"I think it is a good idea," said Mr Pederick, who is also a Rodborough parish councillor for Butterow West.

"We have seen from the speed camera on Bath Road just how big an issue speeding is in this area.

"We are getting the message across that we do not tolerate people speeding and they will be dealt with.

"People need to realise that it is no longer acceptable to behave in this way."

Fulvio Naselli, who lives in Lansdown, Stroud, said someone could be killed unless action is taken.

"I have been crossing the road with my children on at least two occasions when we have had to hurry across because of speeding drivers.

"They come hurtling around the corner from Slad Road with no regard for people who have got only two legs.

"There is an accident waiting to happen.

"Something needs to be done. Somebody could get killed if a car is travelling at over 20mph. It only takes one person to die and then it is too late."

The possibility of a new automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera in the area is set to be discussed at Stroud Town Council, before an application could be made to the police and crime commissioner.

County councillor Sarah Lunnon (Green, Stroud Central) who campaigned for a 20mph speed limit in the area, said she will back the calls for a new ANPR camera in the residential area.

She said: "When we drive past homes where children walk to visit friends, when we drive past businesses where customers walk to buy goods and services, when we drive past parks and gardens where families walk to enjoy themselves we should do so at speeds that allow those who are vulnerable to feel safe.

"That means driving at 20mph, so that we can all use the roads however we chose to move around.

"The system used in Rodborough is really groundbreaking and I'm interested in using my Highways Local money to roll it out across Stroud, to address the issue of those who constantly break the current speed limits."

More ANPR cameras are also being considered in Whiteshill, Nailsworth and Minchinhampton as parishes in the district follow Rodborough's successful example.