MEMBERS of St Mary’s Church in Painswick have been awarded a national prize for the best creative use of an industrial building.

The derelict and abandoned grave diggers hut was transformed into a much-needed tourist information centre back in 2015, following a fundraising effort worth £10,000.

However, due to a communication breakdown it has taken two years for a presentation to take place.

Vicar at St Mary’s Church, The Rev Mike Holloway was extremely pleased the scheme got national recognition.

“As it was such a small scheme I was surprised at the recognition it received.

“I am very pleased that this wonderful facility is up and running as it is hugely important for a town like Painswick.

“The centre is run by volunteers and that shows great community spirit.”

Amber Patrick, co-ordinator for the Association for Industrial Archaeology was present to award the prize.

“This was a very significant victory for the organisers of the Tourist Information Centre as it is by someway the smallest scheme we have ever awarded the prize to.

“It was a very interesting and appropriate use of a small industrial building.”