FOUR protesters have been arrested by police for obstructing the highway outside the Javelin Park incinerator site in Haresfield.

All four people remain in police custody.

Officers attended the site at about 1pm following reports that all entrances were being blocked.

A spokesman said: "It is the aim of Gloucestershire Constabulary to facilitate a peaceful process whilst allowing work on the site to continue and we will continue to do that.

"All dealings with the protesters and site staff have been peaceful and amicable.

"Following the arrests the other protesters left the area."

Protesters had been at the incinerator site since Sunday, holding a 'sofa party'.

The party was being held to celebrate the 48th birthday of Ebley man Matt Wimpress.

It was initially intended to last 48 hours - with members of the public encouraged to come and join the party.

However, despite warnings from police, the protest continued into a third day.

With up to ten cement lorries backed up on the side of the road, the four activists then sat down themselves across this newly created entrance. This was the point at which they were arrested.

Opposition to the incinerator in Haresfield have held regular protests at the site and at Gloucestershire County Council HQ in Shire Hall since the £500 million contract was agreed in 2013.

In June protesters stormed the council chambers during a further discussion into the contract between GCC and Urbaser Balfour Beatty and last month naked protests were staged outside Shire Hall.

They denounce the negative environmental impact which they feel incineration has, as opposed to encouraging more recycling – for which they feel the incinerator is a ‘disincentive’.

Jojo Mehta, from the opposition group Cancel The Contract said that the action was to shed light upon the "insanity" of the contract.

Opposition groups assert that incineration is toxic and no amount of safeguards can stop microscopic cancer causing dioxins from entering the food chain and local lungs.

They also say that stopping the incinerator building project right now will save local taxpayers over £4.7 million per year.

Ms Mehta said: "It is now time for there to be a thorough investigation by the council and their accountants, work should stop immediately while this happens so no more of taxpayers money is wasted constructing this monstrosity."

GCC has always held firm on its stance regarding the project.

Deputy leader of GCC Cllr Ray Theodoulou, said: "It is a good deal for residents - the incinerator will save taxpayers over £100m over its life, whilst protecting our environment by cutting CO2 emissions and ending our reliance on landfill."