YESTERDAY'S by election for the Chalford ward on Stroud District Council, was won by Conservative candidate Darren Loftus.

Tories hold Chalford in Stroud District Council by election.

Chalford (Stroud) result: CON: 45.2% (+8.6) HOLD.

LAB: 25.4% (-6.1) GRN: 20.6% (-11.3) LDEM: 8.8% (+8.8) Chgs. w/ 2016

After the passing of much-loved Conservative councillor Liz Peters, the Chalford seat was left vacant, as a result there was a by-election held to fill the spot.

Property manager Darren Loftus, has lived in Gloucestershire all of his life but moved to Chalford three years ago with his wife Kate.

Speaking before the election results Darren said: "I am delighted to have been selected as the Conservative candidate for Chalford in what are extremely sad circumstances.

"Liz Peters is a hard act to follow but I will do my best to fill her shoes and represent the people of Chalford ward"

All four of the political parties that make up SDC nominated candidates.

Representing the Lib Dems was Kris Beacham, Robin Lewis was standing for the Greens, and Karen Pitney for Labour.