MILLENNIAL couples could save for a mortgage deposit much quicker if they cut back on certain luxuries, estate agents have claimed.

Turning down treats like holidays and pricey mobile phones could be key to securing that first home.

Experts at Strutt & Parker have singled out six luxuries young couples need to cut back on, if they want to get a foot on the property ladder.

Taking their own lunch to work rather than buying overpriced avocado rolls on the high street could apparently save up to £2,500 a year, while stopping lottery tickets would claw back another £830.

By giving up one night out a week, it is estimated they would save more than £6,000.

Also, by cutting out the indulgence of takeaways, they could save a further £2,650, along with £700 by saying no to an annual city-break holiday.

Turning down a mobile phone upgrade could save as much as £154 a year, they said.

Strutt & Parker’s head of research Stephanie McMahon said families can help out with deposits, after would-be buyers make the sacrifices.

She said: “Our research has shown that if a couple sacrifices six luxuries for at least five years, they can put away significant savings to help stretch up to that all-important first rung.

“’What luxuries am I willing to forgo now that will pay off five years down the line?’ “Those lucky enough to have family that can help will receive an average of £29,400 towards their goal.”