Good motorcycling training results in better and more competent riders. But with so many schools out there, which one is best? This is where the Motorcycle Industry Accreditation Centre or MCIAC comes in.

MCIAC was established to signpost high quality training to riders by the Motorcycle Industry Association in 2013. It was developed by Director of Safety and Training Karen Cole and her team. She explains: “MCIAC is similar to the early days of the CORGI gas registration scheme. That started as a purely voluntary scheme in the 1970s, in order for the public to identify the ‘competent and qualified’”.

MCIAC accreditation was introduced initially so that DVSA approved training schools had an additional way to prove they run high quality businesses, which go well beyond the DVSA minimum requirements. The DVSA is supportive of MCIAC and its aim to raise standards and recently endorsed the course for training schools after a thorough evaluation.

A MCIAC accredited school will make sure that they always give a great customer service within a safe and professional environment with proper facilities, such as toilets and a classroom area. They’ll use clean and high quality kit and a choice of well-maintained automatic or geared bikes Learners will have the right length of time on the road and the staff/pupil ratio will be correct. Of course, all insurances and indemnities are fully checked. MCIAC accredited training schools also offer all customers a feedback survey at the end of their training. This is complimented by an annual inspection to maintain accreditation The MCIAC website, is easy to use to find high quality schools, all there because those important checks have already been done for you.