CHAIRMAN of Forest Green Rovers Dale Vince has said it is only a matter of time before the meat trade is seen in a similar fashion to the slave trade.

Mr Vince was responding to comments made by the chairman of Carlisle United, who refused to try the vegan food on offer at the New Lawn.

Andrew Jenkins, 81, whose family made their fortune through the meat trade and is now chairman of Pioneer Foodservice said “he couldn’t bring himself to try the food on offer at Forest Green Rovers.”

“It was really strange for me to go to FGR, a vegetarian club (Vegan actually…). Obviously I am from a family originating in in the meat trade,” Mr Jenkins told his local newspaper, The News & Star.

“I never eat much on a match day, but I couldn't pull myself together to sample the food on offer.

"I don’t really want to be sarcastic, but what would happen if, when vegetarians came to our club, all we could offer was an all-meat menu?"

However, on Facebook, Mr Vince responded with a view that the world is moving forward, vegan food is becoming more popular and eventually the meat trade will not be acceptable.

He said: “How many years will it be before we all look at families that made their living or fortune in the meat trade - in the same way that we now look at families that did the same in the slave trade. Not long [in my opinion].

“The Vegan revolution is reaching places that until very recently may have seemed improbable…...Tesco this week announced an ‘own brand’ vegan range, of 18 meals - set to appear in 600 stores nationwide.”

Forest Green has been vegan since 2014 and will make the return trip to Carlisle on January 27.