BISLEY Amateur Dramatic Society’s annual panto, Avast Behind!, featured dancing, laughter-inducing gags and a cast who sang with great gusto.

The pantomime, which ran from January 24 - 27, was high in comedy content thanks to playwright Susan Vesey’s quirky, intelligent and fast-moving script.

A 38-strong cast led by producer Peter Thorp, brightened a chilly evening and demonstrated that amateur dramatics can be a great glue across the generations.

Notable participants included Naomi Hutton as the pirate queen, and Amber Nash as the quietly sinister Peg Legg, who took over Fairyland and changed it from a happy, sparkling land of snow and ice to a tropical paradise knee-deep in diamonds.

Additionally Madame Millicent, bustily and lustily played by Iain Neighbour, had a hilarious time washing The Royal Knickers and Pirate underpants with Fairy Anastasia played by a sparkling Tracy Brown and Nanny G, played by comedienne Diana Chapman, and Merlin the Cat, a nimble Daisy Roberts, also showed considerable comedy talent.

Younger cast members popped up several times in various guises and showed considerable promise, an appreciative audience applauded their spirited performances on many occasions.

The Pirate Band were energised and fully involved in the cheerful song and dance routines.