A RETIRED solicitor from Frocester has proven that you are never too old to learn.

John Colquhoun, 74, completed his degree in Disability Studies Inclusive Theory and Research with merit.

John was honoured to receive his degree from Paul Nurse, who is a Nobel Prize winner and current chancellor at Bristol University.

Although he will not use his degree for professional purposes John has proven that it is never too late to stop learning and developing as an individual.

As a former chairman of the Barnwood Trust John believes that if there is to be social justice for disabled persons then people must be educated on what makes a difference.

This will allow these people to build on their strengths and ensure that their voices are heard in all walks of life.

During the course, Johan has written about the importance of community engagement for people with dementia.

It is something he wishes to be further involved with now that he has completed his degree.

Everyone at the SNJ would like to congratulate John on his achievement.