A BLACKSMITH tucked away in the heart of Stroud is preserving the memory of one of the railways' leading figures.

Brett Mayfield trained for four years to become a blacksmith and is currently working from his forge on Knapp Lane.

Stroud News and Journal:

Brett displaying his original gate design mid-construction

His latest assignment is to forge pieces as part of a replica of Brunel’s drawing room on the SS Great Britain, in Bristol.

Watch this great video below of Brett at work:

Speaking to the SNJ, Brett said: “I love the fact blacksmithing is a profession that hasn’t been overtaken by robots or computers.”

He even took on the role of Brunel, playing the 19th century engineering giant on the SS Great Britain's Dockyard museum.

"Having played Brunel myself on the SS Great Britain I’m particularly passionate about this project,” added Brett.

Brett has also worked on some familiar projects including helping to redesign the bar at Stroud's Marshall Rooms and a project at Motion, Bristol which provided him with invaluable experience.

Stroud News and Journal:

The Marshall Rooms bar which Brett made

Looking forward, Brett would love to challenge Stroud's famously creative community to come up with original and inspired ideas for collaborative projects.

Watch the video below of Brett displaying his original gate design:

For further inquiries please contact Brett by email at mayfieldbrett@hotmail.com or visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/brett.mayfield.31