The World Balloon Convention took place in California last month - and staff from Stroud based party shop Party On Up were there.

The event showcased balloon artists and balloon creations from all over the world.

Peter Elms, Party On Up’s owner and founder, and Tony Davey, principle balloon decorator, participated in the four day event, along with balloon professionals from 52 countries.

“Not only did we get to participate in some amazing work, we’ve learned some amazing new skills too. There were 55 classes across the four days and Tony and I covered a great many of them between us,” said Peter.

Peter Elms, Party On Up's owner and founder

“We’ve started putting some of these new skills into practice already – visitors to our shop or passers-by may have already seen some of the amazing new balloon photo frames we have made and the new lacquer-look balloons we have been displaying.”

Tony, who became a Certified Balloon Artist in 2017, said “WBC is a great networking event. We had the opportunity to work on some amazing installations and to meet many of the most renowned balloon artists and decorators in the world, and work alongside them.”

Principle balloon decorator Tony Davey

Party On Up is part of Confection Affection and used to be located above the chocolate and sweet shop on Threadneedle Street, but it moved to a separate store on 1 London Road in October 2016.