THE TRANSITION Towns movement seeks to create a network for sustainable change in order to achieve a low carbon lifestyle.

The movement was founded in 2006 and within a year Stroud had joined, which made it the world’s 5th Transition Town (TT).

There are now over 1000 transition initiatives worldwide.

To understand the TT movement the SNJ spoke to Erik Wilkinson, one of Transition Stroud’s eight volunteer directors.

Transition Towns address the problems and opportunities caused by climate change on a practical day to day level.

This sums up the organisation's motto ‘inspiring action for a sustainable future.’

“Climate Change is the key issue for it impacts on our very existence,” Erik explained.

“It also provides us with positive opportunities to work for a future with affordable sustainable energy.”

The organisation say that these forward-thinking ideas can help build a Stroud that is resilient to the environmental damage brought about by the modern world.

To achieve this, 11 different initiatives have been set up throughout the Five Valleys including the Repair Café, Plastic Action Group, Edible Stroud, climate change workshops and film evenings.

For example, the ‘Live without plastic’ workshop presented by Claudi Williams, gave lessons on how she and her family has lived without plastic for over a year.

Currently TS are pushing forward their Zero Waste Action group to minimise waste in the home and support Stroud’s battle against single-use plastics.

Residents are encouraged to take part in a variety of workshops including how to make zero waste toiletries and celebrating a zero waste Christmas.

Erik explained that it is hoped through co-operation as a community: “A future with less waste, better transport, less plastic, more locally grown food and a stronger sense of community can be achieved - do join us.”

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