Planning a Royal Wedding party on Saturday? A Stroud shop has you covered.

Bunting, mini flags, and Harry and Meghan masks have been on sale at Party On Up to supply residents ahead of all the regal revelry.

The masks were a particular hit with one Nailsworth resident who is hosting a party in Forest Green where attendees will be wearing their wedding dresses.

To commemorate the wedding, the shop’s balloon artist Tony Davey had crafted an inflatable royal couple, complete with ginger and brunette wigs.

“We’ve been very busy - mini flags have been a particular hit,” said Peter Elms, the shop’s - and Confection Affection's - owner.

“This is the first time we’ve supplied a royal occasion since the Diamond Jubilee in 2012 - but back then we were still above Confection Affection."

Party On Up moved into its own store on London Road in October 2016.

Peter and Tony recently headed to a worldwide balloon art convention in San Diego, California, to brush up on their inflatable skills.