DRONES are banned from Rodborough and Minchinhampton common following a National Trust policy that bans there usage over their land.

This follows rules set out by the government and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which states that drones should not be flown above or near people.

In addition, wildlife and other animals on the common may be alarmed or distressed by the presence of drones which the National Trust are keen to avoid.

Despite this policy, non-commercial drone users with the correct training or permission from the CAA are allowed to operate drones.

However, concern has arisen over whether pilots have the correct insurance to compensate those affected if a drone causes material damage or physical harm.

The use of drones would also breach National Trust policy on commercial filming and photography, as well as data protection laws, which may be infringed due to the cameras attached to drones.

Information in this article comes courtesy of The Commoner - who supply news from Rodborough.