THE MYSTERY of Stroud's illusive pop-up artwork has been solved after it was spotted in various locations around the town.

Before this, Mai Pottinger took a number of photographs as she was so impressed with the curios pieces of art by The Diner in Nelson Street and the derelict Kites Nest pub in Dudbridge.

"The other day when I was at The Diner I asked them about the pictures and they said they loved them saying it brightened up their day," explained Ms Pottinger.

"This was after seeing someone had smashed their window.

"I had no idea about what it was all about, so I used the opportunity to grab some photos on my phone."

Stroud News and Journal:

Some of Tonja's artwork put up nearby The Diner in Stroud

Questions were raised on the community Facebook page, Nailsworth Chat & Information over whether this had anything to do with the redundancies at Damien Hirst’s studio - it is aptly named 'Science' and also located in Dudbridge.

As well as this, the colourful work was spotted at the also derelict Market Tavern in Union Street by Alex Faith.

He said: "I was going for my jog this morning and I took a picture.

"It looks like someone is using the derelict pub to stage an art show, it is very Stroud."

The mysterious artist has been identified as Tonja Staz, who has travelled from Berlin and made the pictures for Stroud - he would love to receive feedback from our resident's.

Tonja Staz can be contacted via his website at

If you have met or have more information regarding Stroud's own artist courtesy of Berlin email