Climate Change is the biggest issue facing our future, which is why I didn’t hesitate to add my name to a letter to the Prime Minister calling on her to step up our action to tackle it.

I’m one of 132 MPs who signed a letter sent to Theresa May last week, calling for the UK to commit to ending Britain’s contribution to climate change before 2050 and enshrine this in law within the lifetime of this Parliament.

Our letter, part of a campaign by The Climate Coalition, highlighted the many benefits of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The letter states that; “setting ourselves the goal of net zero emissions will put us at the forefront of the race for investment in clean industries, creating jobs all around the UK and inspiring the next generation”.

‘Net zero’ means greenhouse gas emissions will be cut to as close to zero as possible, and any remaining emissions will be soaked up from the atmosphere by, for example, planting

more trees which absorb carbon dioxide as they grow.

An ambitious, yet achievable, target will drive investment in clean industries, create jobs around the UK and inspire the next generation.

It would put us at the forefront of a movement which is gaining ground around the word.

France, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand have all now set zero net targets with dates between 2030 and 2050.

It would also cut energy bills, improve the efficiency of our homes and businesses, give us cleaner air, and help to restore our countryside from forests to peatlands.

A greener Britain with cleaner air, is possible, and we must step up our action.

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