I AM angry!

You should be as well!

Nothing is happening and worse still there are rumours of delays.

I am writing about something that all Gloucestershire drivers know about.

Some know it as the Air Balloon roundabout, others correctly call it the Missing Link.

The Cowley roundabout, Nettleton Bottom and Crickley Hill are all part of the stretch of single carriageway that causes regular and significant hold ups on the A417 part of the important dual carriageway that links the M4 and M5.

Listen to BBC Radio Gloucestershire travel news.

You will hear these names every morning.

The traffic jams there are regular, tiresome and affect so many.

Everyone knows the problem, and everyone knows something must be done but all hopes are proving false.

Inaction shows failings in both local and national government and worse still affects the local economy.

If you live south of Birdlip getting to Gloucester to work, shop or for a hospital visit can be difficult or impossible.

People head for Swindon Outlet or Orbital Shopping Centre rather than Gloucester Quays.

Try visiting Gloucestershire Royal Hospital after 2pm on a Friday and you will see what I mean.

Our MPs seem to tolerate the situation.

It is not just a matter for Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, other Cotswold MP’s should unite with Geoffrey and put pressure on those who run our highways.

If money is available it should be spent now.

The next thing we will hear is a rare Cotswold slow worm has been seen in the Air Balloon car park and its habitat must be preserved.

We all know that officialdom works slowly and scrutiny at local and national level can be necessary, but not in this case.

There is total agreement of the need for change NOW!

If we sit back and do nothing delays will continue.

At every election we should ask candidates their views and intentions about this continuing problem.

Inaction is not acceptable.

We have put up with it for too long.

Until something happens these unacceptable delays will continue and I will drive to Gloucester via Sapperton and Whiteway Colony.

Action please – now!