A NEAR future thriller set in a dark, cold Nordic city has been released by a Stroud author.

The author, Jan Turk Petrie, described Until the Ice Cracks as being filled with twists and clever ideas.

"Set in the near future, the novel is based in a world where heat is power, foxes are deadly and the line between the criminal underworld and the police is as thin as a crack in the ice," explained Ms Turk Petrie.

Her book takes readers on a journey to 2068, where a police ‘decoy’ agent, shadowed by her trained pack of genetically altered foxes, breaks orders and slaughters members of a criminal cartel.

Inspector Nero Cavallo must hunt this unidentified decoy agent down before the fragile balance between the legitimate and criminal worlds erupts into chaos.

Jan's book can be purchased on Amazon at amazon.co.uk/Until-Ice-Cracks

Alternatively, you can meet the author at Oxfam in the Market Place, Cirencester on Saturday, October 27 for a book signing.