THE MAN from Stonehouse who described his shock after he saw a UFO has brought an illustration of the spacecraft to the SNJ.

He spotted the unidentified flying object at around 2.30pm in September and the resident claimed they 'had never seen anything like it in their life'.

This is the second sighting reported to the SNJ in just three weeks, with another found hovering above the trees just below Rodborough.

He saw the otherworldly flying object approach through a clearing in the wood around Hazlewood, but they did not expect it to get so close to their location.

"The UFO was hovering about 50 foot away from me, but we could not smell fuel or anything, I was shocked that it did not hit our house," they explained.

"It seemed like it was trying to fly below the radar, so it could avoid being scanned - at the time my dog was going mental at it."

As they studied the strange object shaped like a 'huge tube with intricate ship style rivets' they described how it made surreal sci-fi style sounds.

"When I came across it coming through the forest I thought it must be a plane or hot air balloon, but it was clearly not and it was making sci-fi like sounds," added the eyewitness.

"Before it shot off into the clouds at immense speed the engines turned red before going bright white, I've never seen anything like it."

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