Below is a letter from this week's SNJ (Oct 31).

So now the Stroud mob is disrupting everybody’s lives by blocking the roads (SNJ Front page 24/10).

I have noticed that in the last couple of years (since the arrival of Jeremy Corbyn and Militant, now called Momentum) mobs or gangs of bullies; intimidating, threatening people seek to destroy our democracy and silence any view but their own.

They intimidate those wishing to attend their political conferences, press reporters attending such conferences, even Jewish MPs attending their own political conference.

They march to overturn a democratic referendum result they dislike.

They threaten butchers and farmers and in Stroud recently they forced a clothes boutique to stop trading by intimidation and threats.

In fact they totally disregard the human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of expression of anyone who does not share their opinion.

Many purport to be environmentalists, but are blatantly not.

For example vegans who condemn the use of sustainable, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable fabrics like fur, leather and sheepskin whilst using their plastic clothes (including fake fur), plastic shoes, plastic belts and plastic handbags.

All of which are made from byproducts of the petrochemical industry, are not sustainable, not reusable, not recyclable and not biodegradable.

They simply fill up landfill and pollute our oceans with plastic micro beads.

These types of bullying gangs which suppress and silence dissent are usually associated with authoritarian communist dictatorships.

How sad I should be writing this 100 years after so many millions of young men gave their lives so that we could all express our own opinion without fear.

Not just the vociferous bullying minority.

Shirley Knott