The following is from Gerb's column from this week's SNJ (Nov 7).

The hottest news on the market currently would appear to be the return of the “Massaman” Thai curry at Niang’s Thai snacks.

Niang’s stall is a bit of a phenomenon really. Started back in 2004 at the Gloucester farmers’ market by Niang and husband Roger (now deceased) they have built a rock solid reputation and a huge following that has spread around the country as each of Niang’s three daughters have come of age and branched out, with Niang’s Thai being available at London markets (where the oldest daughter lives) in Birmingham and Bristol (where the younger two take the stall during the week) and of course here in Gloucester every Friday and in Stroud every Saturday.

In Stroud on a reasonably busy market day the queue at their stall starts about 9.30 in the morning with a mixture of customers who pre order for a take away style collection and those who like a curry for breakfast! Yes folks we have all sorts here! And the queue never stops until they run out!

One of the things often discussed amongst market organisers is how to get younger folk to the market; well I can vouch that Niang’s Thai attracts a great many younger people week after week.

So, the massaman curry that is creating all the excitement is a dish that was taken off the menu about 8 years ago when the menu was being refreshed. After apparently relentless hassling from customers it is finally back. A lovingly created secret family recipe using local veg and Frocester Fayre farm meats for your delight.