OUTRAGED members of the community have called for controversial hunting licences for Horton Court to be repealed.

This comes as the Beaufort Hunt was handed rights to the beauty spot by the National Trust. They will also be given 24 hours’ notice for surprise spot checks.

Chris Luffingham, of the League Against Cruel Sports believes The Trust need to take a stand against the hunt.

"With over 85 per cent of the public opposing hunting wild animals with hounds, it is high time they provided protection to wildlife by stopping licensing hunting on its land," Christ explained.

"Giving hunts 24 hours’ notice that they will be watched is like telling a burglar which house is being staked out by the police."

Additionally, The League suggest that hunts granted access to National Trust estates are still pursuing fox, hare and deer under the guise of following a trail.

They argue that the organisation needs to explain clearly how they are going to prevent foxes being killed.

However, the National Trust have ensured they set out clear conditions for hunters.

"The Trust does license trail ‘hunts’ in some areas and at certain times of the year," they say.

"We believe the overwhelming majority of hunts act responsibly, and we hope our clear, robust, and transparent set of conditions will allow participants to enjoy this activity."

In response to this, the Beaufort Hunt has said the claims are "scurrilous lies - we stay firmly within the confines of the Hunting Act."