A 34-year-old woman from Yate has started a new online clothing boutique.

Leanne Woodruff, a mother of four, took the decision to start her new business after receiving some money when her father passed away last year.

Called Livie & Gabi, named after her two daughters, Leanne held a launch event at Chipping Sodbury Golf Club where members of the public booked tickets to come and see a fashion show.

Nine models then showed the audience the whole range of Leanne's stock.

As soon as the show ended on Friday, November 16 the Livia & Gabi website went live on livieandgabi.com.

Each of those in attendance at the event also received a gift bag which included gifts from a number of other businesses in the community.

It included things from the Bodyshop, Avon and Zara Perry Hairdressing.

Around 150 people attended the event as the free tickets online went within just two hours.

"It was a hugely successful night and went better than I could’ve possibly imagined," Leanne said of the launch.

"The subsequent sales and new customers have been amazing and I’m really hopeful that it will continue moving forward.

"The reason why we did this is because of the money from my dad and the fact that I want to be at home with the children more.

"My dad was impulsive, that is where we are similar so in that regard I think he would be happy with it."

Leanne recently completed a Law degree and is confident of making the business a success.

"I am really ambitious and determined to make it work," Leanne continued.

"Livie & Gabi offers something a bit different as we offer a whole range of different clothes for any occasion for any age.

"I guarantee that if people go to my website they will find something.

"I have travelled all over the country to make sure that the stock that I am getting in is good quality, I see everything myself first.

"Based on my own experience of buying online, it can be unreliable. I want people to see that Livie & Gabi again."

Customers can gain a 10% discount until Sunday, December 2 on the website by using the code reader10.