Ahead of the party season, Gloucestershire police have used a storyline from EastEnders to warn about rape.

Earlier this month, character Ruby Allen, played by Louisa Lytton, was the victim of a sexual attack.

Throughout its years the show has tackled some serious issues, however its latest one is based around consent.

Viewers did not see the incident, which involved characters Matt Clarkson and Ross Swinden.

This was then followed by an episode where other characters discussed the situation and whether the men were at fault.

Gloucestershire police have now used the storyline to post their own warning about the issue on their Facebook page.

The force posted: "It’s her fault. She drank too much that night. She’d been sending him flirty texts all week.

“Did you see what she was wearing when it happened?”.

"We believe there’s only one person that is never to blame for rape and sexual violence, and that’s the person it happened to."

"Is your opinion different? If you were sat on a jury do you think the way someone was acting would change who you thought was to blame?

"Have you been watching EastEnders recently? What do you think of Ruby Allen’s storyline?"

It has since received over 100 comments and shares with people discussing the issue.