I RECENTLY received a letter from HMRC stating that as of April 2019 it will be mandatory for me to file my VAT return digitally.

I’m of a generation that detests computers and I do not possess one, save a smart phone.

How can the government expect, possibly millions of people, who do not own computers, to suddenly rush out and buy something, at considerable expense and waste time learning how to use them.

Or are we expected to employ someone else, at considerable expense to ourselves, to input all this data for us?

How much more efficient would our world be if we all did a days work doing something constructive rather than sitting at a computer “playing” with unnecessary programs that can be far easier computated using a pen and paper and a little bit of old fashioned brain power.

Call me a dinosaur, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

And without all of us dinosaurs, who actually do something constructive in order to pay the tax, where would we be?

Bob Brewer