A WOMAN is looking for answers about a friend that she has found out got cancer after they lost touch.

Carol Steedman, who lives in Edinburgh, is hoping to reconnect with Clive Benson, a piano tuner based in Stroud for a time.

She knew Clive when he lived in Edinburgh, but they fell out of contact when he moved away.

“It didn’t help that I had mislaid his number,” she explained.

“Time quickly passed and I did a few searches on Facebook but never found him.”

That was until recently - one day Carol did a random search for ‘Clive Benson Piano Tuner’ and was astonished to discover a 2009 SNJ article about him.

Reporter David Wiles had spoken to Clive about his experience surviving cancer and the book he then wrote, called The Relevance of Sofas.

The title had been inspired by the numerous sofas in the home of an ‘illustrious client’ of Clive’s piano tuning service that he relied upon as a sole source of his income during his illness.

“I had no idea that he had gone through all this after he left Scotland,” said Carol, who is now hoping to buy a copy of Clive’s book and find out if he is still in good health after his ordeal.

Stroud News and Journal:

A picture of Clive from Carol

Only 100 copies of The Relevance of Sofas were printed and they were sold at The Shambles markets and Stroud Bookshop - but neither have any left in stock.

If you have any details about Clive or his book, please email alex.clark@newsquest.co.uk.