I WOULD like to respond to Brian Marks’ comments on Extinction Rebellion (‘Vandalism’ January 23, 2019), writes reader David Lambert.

I agree: I don’t like graffiti or flyposting.

I feel like apologising for delivering the message that Stroud, like every other town in Britain and every place in the world, is facing an emergency which makes me fear, really fear, for the lives of my children.

Climate denial is not just what Donald Trump does; it’s what we all do every day.

Almost everything around us is pressuring us to ignore that emergency.

We have jobs to do and bills to pay; friends and families to love and to worry about; all forcing this stuff to the back of our minds.

And we have sneering media (not the SNJ I’m glad to say) telling us that this is just more cranky environmental whingeing; telling us it’s antisocial to put up flyposters.


Antisocial behaviour is a government ignoring the science and doing nothing to protect us and our children from what is coming.

That graffiti is asking Government to tell the truth; to act as if the climate emergency is real.

I applaud the District Council for declaring a climate emergency.

And I applaud our mayor Kevin Cranston for putting to one side his dislike of graffiti and listening to the message.

David Lambert