HOW many of you remember the naming ceremony, a few years ago at Stroud Railway Station, of the High Speed train power unit 43143, to be fitted with the nameplate of Stroud 700 in honour of the town’s 700th birthday, writes reader David Fawkes.

Last month one of these plates was once again on Stroud Station.

Both plates had been removed from the HST in November of 2017, one was sold, 43143 is now working in Scotland.

Apparently it will now reside at the SDC offices at Ebley Mill.

My question is – was it given to the Council?

Or was it purchased by SDC?

If the latter, how can SDC justify this expenditure when we have so many needy and homeless in our area.

Personally, I think that the best place to show it would surely be on the Railway Station or even the Stroud Museum as part of our local history.

David Fawkes