JUST over 60 years ago a small group of nervous village children set foot through the door of the now closed Kingscourt Primary School for the first time, writes reader Melvyn Wilkins.

An extremely large amount of water has flowed under the bridge ever since.

I am trying to see if it is possible to arrange a reunion but am very aware that many of those that started that day are probably scattered to the four corners of the UK or beyond, sadly some may even no longer be with us.

So far I have had contact with Jennifer Short and Jennifer Didcot, both no longer in Stroud, if any readers know of any others or perhaps some even read this letter would they please get in contact with me: 07866 459170, or via Facebook.

I now live in the Forest of Dean but am keen to see if part of our small group can meet up perhaps this summer.

Melvyn Wilkins