Acts of vandalism are always upsetting to a community.

The racist, homophobic and obscene graffiti that appeared in Nailsworth is an example of the upset and distress that the thoughtless act can cause.

Words that everyone can agree have no place in our towns, daubed in words metres high across people's houses have, understandably, horrified people across the Five Valleys.

The thought that anyone would deface people's homes with such out-dated words and attitudes is shocking.

But what we know is that this grotesque act does not in any way reflect the kindness and acceptance of this town – people spent hours cleaning the terrible words off their elderly neighbours' properties.

Nailsworth is a town which is notorious for it's close-knit community, a town which prides itself in welcoming everyone, and whose poignant tribute to those who fought for freedom and to put an end to tyranny was shared across the whole of the UK.

The town will not be defined by stupid acts like this - and they won't stand for it either.