The following is taken from this week's Youth Voice column. It is written by Max Metcalfe, 10, from Lightpill.

This week is going to be a three in one article.

As you might of heard, it has been secondary school allocation day and I can tell you I am going to Sir William Romney’s which was my first choice.

In the morning when I came downstairs there was an A4 white board that my Mum had written on it “Watch out Sir William Romney’s, Max is coming!!!”

I hope any Year 6 readers got the school they wanted, in fact all of my class mates got the school they wanted which I think made everyone happy.

In the same week I was invested into scouts (which means I am now an official member of Rodborough Scouts), this took place in the scouting field after we had finished outdoor wide games in the dark – we always have such good fun in scouts and I always look forward to the next week’s activities.

On Saturday I was awarded my Gold Musicianship Certificate for singing and rhythm at Gloucester Academy of Music, it wasn’t just me that got the award, a few of my other friends got it too, so well done to them.

Amazingly we were the first people to ever be awarded this certificate and I am looking forward to the next level.