Data from Stroud’s vehicle activated signs reveals that up to 80 per cent of drivers are ignoring the 20mph speed limit on the London Road.

Up to 77 per cent of drivers are exceeding the limit on the Bisley Old Road and on Parliament Street. Speeds of up to 68mph have been recorded by the signs.

It is five months since Stroud Town Council installed the signs in the town and Town Councillor Sarah Lunnon said the results were shocking.

“Residents complain that consistent speeding makes them fearful for their children, elder members of the community, their pets and their property,” she said.

The data reveals there have been many incidences of speeds as high as double the speed limit at times when children are walking to school in residential areas.

But signs have had a positive impact with drivers slowing down around the signs and driving at lower speeds.

The road safety group has made numerous requests to the police for help and information. There has been limited representation by the police at the group since October 2018.

“We understand the huge pressures our police service is under but we need their support in this,” said Councillor Lunnon. “The town council is constantly being asked about what is being done about the speeding drivers but we are not an enforcement agency.”

The town council has been granted funding from Gloucestershire County Council for automatic number plate recognition signs which will be used to capture the number plates of repeat offenders.

In Rodborough where a similar scheme was trialled with the recognition signs, speeding has been reduced by 90 per cent.

“The success of any scheme hinges on the commitment of all the partners, including Highways and the police,” said Councillor Lunnon. “We are appealing to these partners to help us make Stroud residents feel safer on our roads.”