People power will help tackle climate change

SOME letters on these pages have pointed out the lack of political will, particularly in Westminster, for addressing the onrushing climate change catastrophe, writes Paul Halas.

Although I’m a Labour party member I have to confess I have some sympathy for that view.

We can all help work towards sustainability locally, people and organisations, but unless radical policy changes are made at governmental level we’re never going to turn the carbon juggernaut around.

Unless radical legislation is created to force through change, the corporate sector will continue its unremitting orgy of pushing unsustainable consumerism with absolutely no heed to the consequences.

Those political parties, and factions of political parties, that are backed by big business and/or powerful individual magnates are part of the problem, not a solution.

The Labour Party is not immune to criticism on Green issues, but putting a Labour government into Westminster offers our only realistic chance of getting to grips with climate change and sustainability.

Advisors such as the inspirational Alan Simpson will help the leadership focus on the bigger picture, and then there’s Labour’s most potent weapon of all: its membership.

In spite of the mainstream media’s best – or worst – efforts, the Labour Party is still attracting new members.

Numbering over 550,000 it wields great power and does much to shape future party policy... and all those voices, many of them young, will demand the changes that need to be made.

Greta Thunberg has articulated the views of millions worldwide most powerfully.

We’re seeing increasing commitment to tackling climate change at local level, and people-power can ensure that’s taken up with equal intensity at governmental level.

But let’s be quite clear: co-joined with its corporate friends and backers, that won’t be a Conservative government.

Paul Halas