Horse riders, walkers and cyclists came together last weekend to raise awareness of the need for car drivers to pass wide and slow.

Twenty-six riders took part in the event in Harescombe on Sunday, April 14.

Denise Lerego Prout and Sally Watkins organised the event at Styles Farm to raise awareness of their road safety campaign.

Denise said: "We want improved road safety for ourselves and better off road facilities for horse riding and carriage driving.

"Too many horse riders, horses and cyclists are losing their lives on our roads.

"Many riders are now wearing head and body cams for their own safety against dangerous driving or road rage incidents."

The ride raised £250 for The Great Western Air Ambulance, Welsh Pony Rescue and Teckels Animal Sanctuaries.

Stroud MP David Drew showed his support for the ride, as did Rodborough parish councillor and chairman of Rodborough's Road Safety Working Group, Charles Pedrick.

"Dee and her team have done such a brilliant job in highlighting the fact that there are far too many drivers ignoring the safety of other people."

"I have seen the horrendous speeds that the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system has picked up in our area, which includes speeding drivers travelling at 82mph in a 30mph area and this must be stopped, for everyone's sake."