KEITH Allen is fronting a new crowdfunding campaign for a documentary examining the 2013 BBC Panorama programme Saving Syria’s Children.

The Stroud actor and director is putting his weight behind a new film, which sets out to question the accuracy of the 2013 Panorama programme.

Independent journalist Robert Stuart claims there are many anomalies with the BBC programme and he now wants to create a new film about Saving Syria's Children.

He said: "Since 2013, I have compiled a wealth of evidence indicating that scenes in Saving Syria's Children which purport to show the aftermath of an incendiary attack on an Aleppo playground were fabricated.

"One of the sequences was broadcast on the BBC1 Ten O’clock News on Thursday 29th August 2013, just as parliament was voting on whether to bomb Syria.

"A month later BBC Panorama broadcast Saving Syria’s Children which featured more footage of these alleged victims of an incendiary attack on a school playground in Aleppo.

"I think the BBC’s footage was faked – and I’ve amassed a mountain of evidence to support this claim."

Keith Allen has recorded a short video for the documentary's crowdfunding campaign.

In it he said: "I have a question and it is this: Did the BBC collude with intelligence agencies and prescribed terrorist organisations to stage an atrocity that would be filmed and then broadcast with a view to influencing public opinion about going to war in Syria?

"I don't know if we should trust the state broadcaster.

"But what I do know is that if what trust you have has been betrayed, it's beholden on you to find out."

A BBC spokesperson said: “There remains absolutely no evidence that any part of the programme was fabricated and any such suggestion is offensive to the victims, medics and reporters.

"The programme illustrates all the best journalistic values which make us one of the world’s most trusted broadcasters.”

The new documentary is set to be made by Associated-Rediffusion, the production company of veteran British film, television and radio producer Victor Lewis-Smith.

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