Two students have been recognised at the annual Town awards for raising awareness of climate change.

Dan Green, 15, and Lily Phillips, 14, both of Archway School, Stroud, were jointly named Young Person of the Year in recognition of their efforts.

The pair have organised three school protests as part of the YouthStrike4Climate.

Dan was thankful to everyone involved in the campaign.

He said: “We accept the award on behalf of everyone involved in the strike and the campaign. It’s not just us, but a large group that is involved,”

The runners-up in the Young Person category were: Billy Arthur, River Driversharp and Callum Higgins.

The theme of the town Awards ceremony and associated displays and presentation was all about the Environment and how we need to nurture it.

The locally-inspired environmental group Extinction Rebellion won the Environmental Award for their efforts to raise public awareness of the impending climate catastrophe and the need to take swift action to prevent it.

Town Mayor, councillor Kevin Cranston said only a few months they managed to spread the message so much the even the Government has passed a Climate Emergency motion.

The runners-up were Loose (plastic free shop) and Josie Cowgill, from Transition Stroud.

The Mayor’s Award was given to the late Polly Higgins, Stroud lawyer and campaigner who fought for recognition of ‘ecocide’. She died earlier this year, aged 50.

“The first time I heard Polly speak about ecocide I thought ‘wow,” said Cranston.

“The concept of ecocide is elegantly simple and Polly pursued it with great determination. The necessary laws may not have been passed yet but their time is coming.”

Elsewhere, The Community Award was won by Paganhill Community Group for their efforts to bring the community together. They have arranged a number of events, ranging from an annual street party, to a weekly community cafe and are currently involved with establishing a community garden.

The runners-up were: Interplay, Stroud Stragglers and Homestart.

Alyoscious Anthony in Bisley Old Road won the Trader of the Year for keeping his shop open seven days a week. “He’s always kind and helpful to everyone He is a vital part of Middle of the Hill Community,” said the nomination. The runners-up were Majestic Wine and Caroline Ractliffe from Intrigue of Stroud.

Allsorts Gloucestershire won the Inclusivity and Diversity Award. The charity is celebrating its 10th anniversary of supporting children with disabilities and their families in the Stroud District.

Runner-up was Rev Simon Howell for his imaginative approach of opening St Laurence Church to a wider community.