Not one McDonalds! Not one Kentucky Fried Chicken!

These are worthy and estimable features of modern life but I do not wish to encounter them on holiday, and praise be, I did not.

My first ever visit to Greece has just ended and in a small town, not south of the Albanian border I discovered the real Greece. No “English Pub”. No signs advertising “Full English Breakfast”, but a host of charming taverns offering the opportunity to eat Kleftiko, Moussaka, Halloumi and to drink Retsina , Keo or Efes. It was a delightful experience.

One small matter concerned me. The currency was the Euro, not the Drachma.

The Euro is, by definition, all over Europe. It is a blight you cannot escape.

Identity, local or national and especially international is important. Our world is varied and special but there are worrying and inevitable international trends. It is not just in dining. International brands of electrical and digital use are everywhere. There is not escape! Thought I as I left Gatwick.

But there still is as I arrived a few miles from the Albanian border. A proud people were warm and welcoming and I loved it, and by the way, three cheers for our government in keeping the pound. Some aspects of our identity still remain.

There was another example at a local bastion of tradition recently. The Cirencester Society in London is over 300 years old.

Formal dress is demanded at its annual dinner, which was held on May 11. This is Norwegian Day when the country celebrates its independence with pride and vigour.

Fredrik Folkestad, a proud Norwegian, lives in Poulton and with his wife Kath he contributes much to village life. To this dinner Fredrik wore his national dress, which is imposing and distinctive. Amongst the great and good of the Cotswolds this demonstration of national loyalty was very well received.

More power to your elbow Fredrik. You demonstrated your feelings for your county in the most important way. All who saw you were impressed. How much better than coming from Yorkshire and having to eat Parkin to achieve the same results.