News from Stroud's Help a Hedgehog Hospital.

Hedgehog Awareness Week in May will have reminded people that hedgehogs need space to move from one garden to another on their nightly foraging trips, so make sure there is a small gap for them to use.

Keep putting out food and water as mothers will be feeding their young at this time of year.

The programme featuring Steve Backshall and Brian May was excellent publicity too.

 Take extra care when gardening, especially with strimmers – always check before you strim!

Hedgehogs love to nest in odd places like compost heaps – so don’t just stick the fork in!

Barbecue lids are popular too – one mother and five hoglets now in care as fortunately they were found in time.

You can follow their progress on our Facebook page.

We often have to take in families of hoglets when nests are disturbed, particularly if a shed is being demolished.

In cases like this, please catch the mother first, as she is likely to run off and desert the family in panic.

Young hoglets need their mother, and are much more likely to survive if they are kept together.

 The last of the autumn juveniles in care for the winter have been released – with a pair going to the wild grounds of Calcot Manor.

Fundraising activities began with Randwick Wap - a lovely day and a successful stall, thanks to all who helped and supported us.

Special thanks to Emily Mayo - she ran the Liverpool Marathon and raised funds for Help a Hedgehog as well – what a great achievement.

 As always – if you find a hedgehog out in the daytime, looking wobbly or lying in the sun, it needs help – please call our emergency helpline on 01453 823871 or 0787 037 8207.

For non-urgent enquiries email