A EUROSCEPTIC teen's petition to force Dale Vince to remove an EU flag from outside the Ecotricity headquarters in Stroud has failed.

Despite being signed by more than 1,260 people, 16-year-old Lee Sibley's petition was rejected by Stroud District Council.

Lee Sibley, 16, has complained that the EU flag hung from Lion House is 'absolutely disgusting' and an 'eyesore'.

Owner of Ecotricity, Dale Vince hung up the flag on April 14 in protest against the UK leaving the European Union.

Mr Sibley said that the flag is offensive to veterans who voted to leave the EU and said he is believes it is a health and safety risk for staff in the building 'as it covers the windows'.

The teenager started a petition to ban homework last year which went viral.

He wrote on his online petition: “If I were to fly the Union Jack or the England flag I would be told to remove it.

“So my question is why are you letting this flag which does not represent myself or Stroud!

“I love going to Stroud and this beautiful constituency but this flag is offensive, disrespectful and very daunting. Makes me feel unwelcome and sad.”

A Stroud District Council spokesperson said: “The flag is covered by an exemption, as outlined in Department for Communities and Local Government guidance.”

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