A NAILSWORTH man is urging people to support vital humanitarian aid work in one of the poorest countries in the Middle East.

Freddie Mackereth is currently working in Yemen, which is in the midst of a brutal civil war.

He said: “The situation out here is an unfolding tragedy of seemingly impossible choices for aid agencies, with some 80 per cent of the population suffering malnutrition, and tens of thousands having died, many of which are children."

As a programmes officer for the Human Relief Foundation (HRF), Freddie is assisting with the logistical coordination and distribution of life-saving aid to those in need.

"The signs of conflict are everywhere," he said.

"In fact my accommodation in Aden overlooks a bombed out hotel, just one of many damaged buildings in the city.

“Yet however overwhelming it can appear, we are bringing hope and life to many Yemenis. Those ordinary people who have often been forced to flee their homes by the violence, and now find themselves in ramshackle camps without fresh water, sanitation, or adequate food supplies."

Freddie and the HRF team have been assessing the needs of the Yemeni women in the Al Dhale’e governorate, while also developing relationships with cluster agencies at Oxfam’s Aden office.

"This is thought to be the one of the worst humanitarian disasters in a generation, which is why HRF have been working round the clock to alleviate the suffering and deprivation being endured by the population of Yemen."

If you would like to get involved and help the Yemeni people in need, please go to


where you can find out more information and make a donation towards the charity.